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Unique Opportunity

THE University of Goroka is setting a pathway for non-school leavers with a unique programme to be offered under the University’s Institute of Distance and Flexible Learning.

The programme is targeting students who have applied to The University of Goroka but have fell short of being admitted because of lower GPA.
These students now have a second chance of being selected to the University under the Certificate in Tertiary Admission Studies.
The catch for this programme is upgrading students automatically has a spot in the University for the following academic year.
This programme is targeting students with a lower GPA of 1.75-2.4.
The programme begins in March 2016 and over 3600 students have already been identified to pioneer the programme.
Director of IDFL Mr. Kensol Rui said the programme was initiated because there was a massive population of school leavers applying to The University of Goroka but the University could only cater for a portion of these prospecting students.
“As usual as we see in many institutions, only a little proportion of school leavers apply to institution as was
the case here,” Mr. Rui said during the launching of the programme on February 26.
“The institution can only get a limited number of people while the massive population were ineligible and could not come in.
“When we realised that, we came up with the idea of developing this particular programme so we can give them a chance to come into this programme and upgrade.
“For those who do well in this programme, they can then be given a second opportunity to come back to the University to the programmes they applied for.
“In the big picture we realised that the university as a State institution can also participate with the government in addressing the population of people that are coming out. Not all of them get into universities but more or less we cater for this massive population.”
The duration of the programme de- pends on the number of subjects each student wish to upgrade. One subject is offered per semester. 
What makes us different is 
we now have a quota for 
students upgrading in this 

- Kensol Rui - Director IDFL 
Mr. Rui said there is a unique distinction between The University of Goroka’s Certificate in Tertiary Admission Studies programme and the UPNG Open College and Unitech’s DODL programmes.
“The distinction is that this pro- gramme is targeting schools leavers non-eligible applicants to The University of Goroka,” Mr. Rui said.
“That’s uniquely prepared to address this group who were rejected by this University because of lower GPA.
“The UPNG Open Campus and Unitech’s DODL programme is a programme provided to all the Grade 12 leavers with low GPAs. “The other major distinction is with those programmes, the institutions don’t provide solid pathways for the up-graders.
“What makes us different is we as a University now have a quota for students upgrading in this programme.
“We give them preference using this quota, if they apply and fill that quota that’s it.
“That’s not what other institutions do with matriculation programmes. They only upgrade and let the up-graders find their own way to institutions.
For a start, the programme will be offered in Goroka, and the IDFL centres in Mt. Hagen and the National Capital District.
There are 3,667 school leavers from 2014 and 2015 identified to head this programme. The shortlisted students names will be published in the print media on a later date.
Mr. Rui said they got more indication of students in Lae, Rabaul and Wewak so they will strategise and send out staff to do enrollments in those provinces.
Students under this programme will be eligible to apply to other universities and colleges.
“I feel appreciative with my own staff who have committed so much into it,” Mr. Rui said.
He thanked the academic staff of UOG, the Deans of Schools and the Top Management Team for supporting the programme.
The acting Vice Chancellor Professor John Kola was on hand to officially launch the new course.