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UOG Strategic Plan


STRATEGIC PLAN 2013 - 2017

The University of Goroka Strategic Plan is founded on key plans propagated at the institution itself, government and higher education, as follows:

2.1    UOG Council Review Committee also known as Kuman Committee Report 2013;
2.2    UOG Review of Contingency Model of Teacher Education Course Program, 2005;
2.3    UOG Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010 also called Onagi Committee Report 2005;
2.4    Secondary Teacher Education Development Programme 2008 - 2020
2.5    UOG Corporate Plan 2008 - 2012
2.6    UOG Restructure Report 2011
2.7    PNG Vision 2050
2.8    PNG Development Strategic Plan 2010 - 2030
2.9    PNG Medium Term Development Plan 2011 - 2015
2.10  PNG Medium Term Development Strategy: 2005 - 2019 and the UN Millennium Goals.
2.11  Higher Education Plan II
2.12  PNG White Paper on Higher Education Research, Science and Technology, Enterprise and Education, Volume I;
2.13  PNG National Higher Education Plan II, 2000 - 2004 Volume II; PNG National Higher Education Plan: 2005 -                  2015;
2.14  PNG National Education Plan: 2005 - 2014;

The UOG Strategic Plan also embraces the five (5) National Goals and Directive Principles enshrined in the Constitution, as guiding principles of the Plan:

I.    Integral Human Development
II.   Equality and Participation
III.  National Sovereignty and Sel Reliance
IV.  Natural Resources, Resource Creation and Environment, and
V.   Papua New Guinea Ways.

The University of Goroka through its restructure and Strategic Plan wish to embrace, align and endeavour to implement the integrated vision, mission and core values in sharing the same meaning of change resulting in achieving common desired outcomes.