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Division of Curriculum Studies, Special & Inclusive Education (EC)


This division has 10 academic staff including the Professional Assistant, Ms Martha Mission. It houses Curriculum Studies, Special and Inclusive Education academic programs and courses which are of high demands in the country. Mr John Wanis from this division was accepted for doctoral studies at James Cook University from 2015 onwards. The school and the division are happy about John’s acceptance by James Cook University from having won a scholarship. On that note, the division is also glad to have Mr Teng Waninga back from his doctoral study. He is still working with his supervisors to complete his thesis from PNG. 

The Special Education program under the leadership of Dr. Aiwa has enabled this division to link up with professional organizations in this field in PNG and abroad. Dr. Aiwa, Associate Professor Kapa Malpo and several other academics are currentlyinvolved with Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre (LCD/UCL) and the University of Goroka has under taken a research project “Reviewing approaches to education of children with disabilities in Papua New Guinea.”

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Dr. James Aiwa        Dr. John B. Kirubia        Teng Waninga        Donna Mailil        Kele Yako        Jacob Karwage        Jeremy Goro        Edward Mandawe        Clara Brawa  Ben Kilage        Joe Kuman        Martha Mission   

Dr. James Aiwa
Head of Division

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