Kele Yako

Kele Yako


Master of Education; 
Bachelor of Education with Honors; 
Bachelor of Education; 
Certificate in Teaching 

Areas of Teaching

 Curriculum Studies


The University of Goroka
P.O Box 1078
GOROKA 441, Eastern Highlands Province
Papua New Guinea
Phone (+675) 531 1946


Mr. Kele Yako is a Lecturer with the School of Education in the Division of Curriculum Studies and Special Education. Mr. Yako has been employed by the University of Goroka since 2008 and has served as an academic for 9 years. Prior to University Teaching he has taught in a number of primary schools in Morobe and Western Highlands provinces for a total of 14 years. Mr. Yako currently Holds a Masters in Education from the University of Goroka in the area of Curriculum Studies and Teaching and Learning. Mr. Yako also holds a Honors degree and Bachelors degree in the area of Curriculum Studies and Teaching and Learning, all attained from the University of Goroka. Holds a Teaching Certificate from Madang Teachers College.

Curently, Mr. Yako is the Strand Leader for Curriculum Studies within the Division of Curriculum Studies and Special Education. Apart teaching, Mr. Yako is involved in other academic business of the university such as: Supervision of postgraduate students; marking post graduate thesis in the area of Curriculum and Teaching. Participate in national and international research activities. Coordinate and Supervise Teacher Trainees through out Papua New Guinea (PNG)
Research Interest/Background



Unpublished Thesis
2012: Master of Education: An Evaluation of Teachers and Parents on the Incorporation of Moral Education in Personal Development curriculum for Upper Primary Students in Selected Primary Schools of the Western Highlands Province-Supervisors: Dr. Diana Ope & Dr. Agewa Zeming.

2007: Bachelor of Education with Honors: The Importance of Educational Psychology in Curriculum Theory and Practice in Papua New Guinea- Supervisor: Dr Agewa Zeming


2015: National Education Conference, University of Goroka. ‘Using Action Research for School Based Curriculum Evaluation’

2015: Waigani Seminar, UPNG. ‘Succes of Curriculum Leadership at the School Level’

2014- ‘School Based Curriculum Evaluation’ - Bena Bena Secondary School, EHP, PNG;

2013: Annual Teachers Colleges Principals Meeting-‘How the University of Goroka would accommodate the Goals of Standard Based Education System (SBE)’

2011: Universal Basic Education Conference-National Research Institute (NRI) Paper- ‘Moral Education as a Yardstick in Measuring Universal Basic Education’.

2010: Discussion Paper-Comparative Analysis of PNG Basic Education System with Education System in the United States. Venue- UoG, Audience-Students from Stanford University (Carlifornia, USA) and UoG Academic Staff-Department of Curriculum and Teaching