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Division of Educational Leadership & Management, Social Development & Gender Studies (DELM, SDGS)


Welcome to the Division of Educational Leadership & Management, Social Development & Gender Studies in the School of Education at the University of Goroka. It is our great privilege to lead the Division as the HOD and introduce you to the School and the University under the dynamic leadership of Professor Dr John Kola Vice Chancellor of UOG and Dr Sam Najike Executive Dean of the School of Education.

In 1997 after the establishment of the University of Goroka through an act of the parliament of Papua New Guinea, educational administration courses were provided through the Educational Administration Strand in the Department of Educational Foundations in the Faculty of Education. This continued for nearly fifteen years until a separate School of Education was established in 2013. Educational Leadership & Management was one among the three new divi-sions created in our newly started School of Education. 
We started our division with a humble beginning of four (4) Disciplines and eleven (11) Strands: 

1.    Discipline of Educational Systems and Governance (ELB)
       -    Organizational Systems & Governance Strand (ELB1)
       -    Educational System & Governance Strand (ELB2)
2.    Discipline of Educational Leadership & Management (ELM) 
       -    Educational Leadership & Management Principles Strand (ELM1)
       -    Contemporary Leadership & Management in Education Strand (ELM2)
          Leadership in Melanesia Strand (ELM3)
3.    Discipline of Educational Policy and Planning (ELH) 
       -    Educational Policy & Framework Strand (ELH1)
       -    Educational Policy & Development Strand (ELH2)
       -    Education Change & Innovations Strand (ELH3)
4.    Discipline of Social Development and Gender Studies in Education (ELK)
       -    Gender Studies in Educational Strand (ELK1)
       -    Development Studies in Educational Strand (ELK2)
       -    Community Development Educational Strand (ELK3)

For detailed information regarding our Academic Programs, click the respected links below;

Today the DEL&M is an independent division responsible for offering two years full-time programs in educational leadership and management at the undergraduate level for BEd In-service students awarding the degree of Bachelor of Education in Educational Leadership and Management and one year Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Management at post graduate level with a strong commitment and thrust given on research in educational leadership and management. The various courses designed in our division develop leadership and managerial skills and strategies to equip the students for the 21st century in an international environment. It also develops better understanding of current issues and challenges in educational leadership and management with a global and national perspective. We are proud that our research and publications have impact both within the relevant fields represented by our academics and research scholars in the national and international conferences as well as publishing books and presenting papers through reputed peer reviewed international journals and publishing companies. 

Because of the reputation and credibility of our programs every year we are getting a considerable number of international students from the South Pacific Islands countries such as Republic of Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Republic of Nauru. This really creates an international flavor and fellowship among our PNG students in our division. Many of our academics have obtained their degrees from reputed overseas universities. Furthermore; academics from our division are actively participating and giving consultancy services to the School of Distance and Flexible Learning in the UOG which permeates our division’s reputation to other Pacific Islands countries.

Our success can be attributed to the dedications of truly committed academics working around the clock. We are also underpinned by the commitments of excellence, sustainability, collegiality, fairness, equity and academic freedom. We also express our sincere thanks to Associate Professor Dr Api Maha, a reputed think-tank in this area who contributed a lot to make our programs to the international standard. I invite you to learn more about our strands and other disciplines through our University of Goroka hand book. 


Name  Position  Qualification 
Dr. Philip Joseph                                                                Head of Division/Senior Lecturer  MA.,MEd.,MPhil.,PhD., (Educational Management) 
Associate Professor Kapa Kelep-Malpo  Senior Lecturer  PhD.,MEd., (Education Leadership & Management) 
Andreas Kuno                                                                      Lecturer                                                                                   MEd.,BEd with Hons., Edu. Leadership & Management) 
Rosa Sukurini  Lecturer  MSS., BEd., 
Joy Asiure  Lecturer  MEd.,BEd., 
Simon Wakei  Senior Tutor  MEd.,BEd., 
Theresa Lomoi  Senior Tutor  MEd.,BEd., 
Arnold Magundu  Tutor  BEd Hons.,BEd., 
Samuel Juniath  Tutor  BEd Hons.,BEd., 
Millar Weimate  Teaching Fellow  BEd., 
Nathan Bito  Teaching Fellow  BEd., 

Dr Philip Joseph 
Head of Division

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