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Division of Teaching & Learning (ET)


The Division of Teaching and Learning is the biggest Division in the School of Education. It comprises of three disciplines, hence; Teacher Education with four strands, Centre for Teaching Methods, Skills & Curriculum with two strands and the discipline of Educational Psychology with three strands. There are eighteen teaching staff which comprises of both lecturers and tutors. Though there are acute staff shortages in the division, the limited staffs on ground are doing their uttermost best to provide the best they could for the students.

The Division of Teaching & Learning has three (3) disciplines;
1.    Teacher Education Discipline (ETA)
        -    Early Childhood Strand (ETA1)
        -    Teaching Primary (Madang) Strand (ETA2)
        -    Teaching Secondary Strand (ETA3)
-    Teaching Tertiary Strand (ETA4)
-    Education Technology Strand (ETA5)
2.    Teacher Training Discipline (ETG)
        -    Early Learning Standards Strand (ETG1)
        -    Science Curriculum and Instruction Strand (ETG2)
        -    Humanities Curriculum and Instruction Strand (ETG3)
3.    Education Psychology (ETP)
        -    Guidance and Counselling Strand (ETP1)
        -    Human Development, Learning and Teaching Strand (ETP2)
        -    Assessment, Evaluation and Monitoring Methods Strand (ETP3)

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Lynne Iarume
Head of Division

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