Jose Orathinkal

Dr. Jose Orathinkal


BA (Mysore, India)
BPh & BTh (Pune, India)
MSGC (DLSU, Philippines)
MA (KUL, Belgium)
PGDETL (DWU, Madang)
PhD (KUL, Belgium)

Areas of Teaching

Psychology, Counseling, mental/public health


The University of Goroka
P.O Box 1078
GOROKA 441, Eastern Highlands Province
Papua New Guinea
Phone: (+675) 531 1725

Dr Jose Orathinkal, a missionary Priest of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD), hails from Kerala, India. He did his basic education and priestly formation in different parts of India and was ordained a priest in 1992. He obtained his Masters in Guidance and Counseling from the De La Salle University, Philippines. He served as a Chaplain and a lecturer at the Divine word University (DWU) prior to obtaining his PhD in public health from the Katholique University of Leuven (KUL) Belgium. He then returned to DWU and continued to lecture there until he joined UOG in 2012. He is also currently the vice-provincial of the Society of the Divine Word in PNG and a member of the Governing Council of DWU.
Currently he is engaged as a lecturer at the Division of Social Science, discipline leader of the Religious studies and Personal Development. Dr Jose has presented papers at the national and international conferences. To his credit he has many peer-reviewed articles published at the national and international journals. He has examined a number of Honors and Masters theses. He has been reviewer for the Journal of Community Mental Health and Journal of Moral Education.
His research area of interest lies in behavioral sciences, currently he is working on two collaborative research projects, one on ‘aggression among the PNG youth’ and the other ‘perception of youth on sorcery and witchcraft’.

Research Interest\ Backgroung

Public/mental health & Behavioural Sciences


 Journal Articles:
List of the peer-reviewed articles published in international journals
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Current research involvements
-    Aggression and youth and early experience of violence in PNG (collaborative)
-    Perception of young Papua New Guineans on Witchcraft& sorcery (collaborative)

Conferences Presentations 
-    Forgiveness among couples: a perception and motivation study. International Psychotherapy conference,                     KULeuven, Belgium, June 11-13, 2003
-    Knowledge and Prevalence of STI among tertiary students in Madang: 3rd Science and Technology conference,         DWU, Madang, PNG; August 16 to 22, 2010
-    Mental illness in Madang: 43rd Medical symposium, Kaindi Campus, Wewak, PNG; September 1, 2010