Agriculture & Rural Development (SA)


The Agriculture and Rural Development Division is composed of three disciplines and offers several academic programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Its staff, both academic and technical, are well qualified in their field of specialization and have had many years of industry work, teaching and research, and publication experiences.

The long term goal is for the Division to become a School of Agriculture & Rural Development in future and offer more programs targeted at improving the lives of rural people and their communities.


To educate and train qualified and competent agricultural teachers and extension & rural development officers for the country.


1.    Discipline of Animal (SAA)
       -    Animal Science Strand (SAA1)
       -    Livestock Production Strand (SAA2)
       -    Aquaculture & Emerging Industries Strand (SAA3)  
2.    Discipline of Agronomy (SAB)
       -    Soil Science Strand (SAB1)
       -    Crop Science Strand (SAB2)
       -    Research & Development Strand(SAB3)
3.    Discipline of Extension Training & Rural Development (SAC)
       -    Extension Training Strand (SAC1)
       -    Rural Development Strand (SAC2)
       -    Farm Management & Agribusiness Strand (SAC3)

For detailed information regarding our Academic Programs, click the respected links below;


Gordon Wallangas        Professor Alan Quartermain        Dr. Stanis Malangen        Bire Bino        Joe Egenae        Api Gibson        Baniva Fivilla        Lena Yual                           Patrick Kami        Peter Dekene        Jimmy Kambu        Eric Messimato        Fredah Yembihua 

Mr. Gordon Wallangas
Head of Division

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