Api Gibson

Api Gibson


MAgSt-Agronomy and Horticulture -2006        University of Queensland 
BEd., Teaching Secondary, 1998 University    of Goroka 
Dip., Teachg-Agriculture, 1991 Goroka            Teachers College 
Dip., Trop Agric.,1987 Vudal Agricultural        College
Also completed a year of senior scholar        program in Agricultural Engineering and        Farm Mechanization at Huazong                        Agricultural University, Hubei, China.

Areas of teaching

Agriculture Extension, Agriculture                    Education, Agribusiness, Postharvest                technology, Agronomy and horticulture            courses


The University of Goroka
P.O Box 1078
GOROKA 441, Eastern Highlands Province
Papua New Guinea
Phone: (+675) 531 700

Born, raised and attended primary at Bolubolu Primary school on Goodenough Island and Wesley high school from 1979-1982, Milne Bay Province, then on to Aiyura National High School from 1983-84.
After Vudal Agricultural College in 1987, I attended Goroka teachers College for a teachers training, then later returned in 1987 to do a bachelor of education degree from the newly established University of Goroka.
I have had 17 years of teaching at secondary schools in PNG in the areas of Agriculture, general science, physics, chemistry, mathematics Physical education and Personal development. Most of these teaching years was spent at Goroka Secondary School, with 4 tears at International Education Agency (IEA) and Goroka Grammar school.

This year,2016 makes it 4 years of my time at The University of Goroka with the division of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Research Interest/ Background

My postgraduate studies, interest and specialization are in the in the areas of postharvest horticulture and                agriculture mechanization. I did some work on testing Smart fresh, a chemical containing 1-methyclopropene (1-       MCP), to delay the ripening and extending shelf-life in Cavendish bananas. My other interest area is in                        agribusiness.