Biological Sciences (SB)


The main aim of the division is to provide systematic information and predispositions in the field of Biology and Environmental Science. The division has recently developed a separate degree program for Environmental Science which will be offered shortly along with its existing courses in Biology. 

The study of living things has undergone a remarkable expansion in recent years, and topics such as cell biology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, genetics, biochemistry, and ecology are evolving rapidly. The rapid expansion has been accompanied by an obscuring of the distinctions between disciplines: a biologist with an interest in tropical plants may well use many of the tools and techniques that are crucial to a molecular geneticist, for example and more. 

Environmental science is a relatively new and rapidly developing field. It is characterized by an integrative, multidisciplinary approach to environmental issues of concern to humans. This signifies an exciting, rewarding area of science, which requires an especially strong academic background and an ability to think both analytically and comprehensively. Other areas include the human aspect, as the main cause of environmental problems such as air pollution, but also as providers of solutions and agents of change, including management of biodiversity and other environmental resources. 

The division is a collaborative community of graduates, faculty and staff who work together to better comprehend the nature and significance of living systems. Everyone in the division is encouraged to share a joint commitment both to promote biology as scientific discipline and to the importance of biology in broader social and cultural settings. Our division has recently introduced DOC(Discussion Over Coffee)for faculty members aims to stimulate intellectual discussion and develop interest in related areas of Biology and Environmental Science by observing PDF(Paper Discussion Friday) every week. The undergraduates are also motivated to plan and organize similar activities to boost their learning and research skills in the allied areas of biology. 

In achieving its goal, the division identifies, recognizes and appoints specialists in different areas of Biology and Environmental Science. The courses are designed in such a way that appropriate knowledge and skills are gained as per the standardized policies and norms set by the University of Goroka to meet the future challenges of true learning and living.    

The Division of Biological Sciences has two (2) disciplines;
1.    Environmental Science Discipline (SBE)
       -    Organic Chemistry Strand (SBE1)
       -    Inorganic Chemistry Strand (SBE2)
       -    Analytical & Environmental Chemistry Strand (SBE3)
       -    Natural Resources, Physical & Industrial Chemistry Strand (SBE4)
2.    Biology Discipline (SBB)
       -    Ecology & Conservation Biology Strand (SBB1)
       -    Microbiology & Biochemistry Strand (SBB2)
       -    Biotechnology & Molecular Biology Strand (SBB3)
       -    Ethno-Biology & Taxonomy Strand (SBB4)

For detailed information regarding our Academic Programs, click the link below;


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K V Kannan
Head of Division

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