Joyce A Kuamba

Joyce A Kuamba


Diploma in Health Teaching and Bachelor        in midwifery University of Goroka, PNG

Areas of Teaching

SHBM401 Foundations in midwifery practice
SHBM403 Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (EmNOC)
SHBM 405 and SHBM 410 Clinical practicum 1 and 2 - Hospital supervision
SHBM407 Midwifery practice 2
SHBM411 Rural Practicum - Health Centre supervision
All courses include lectures, tutorials, clinical practical laboratories and clinical supervision.

University of Goroka
P.O .Box 1078
GOROKA 441, Eastern Highlands Province
Papua New Guinea
Phone: (+675) 5311941


Joyce .A. Kuamba completed her Diploma in Health teaching in 2005, Bachelor in Midwifery studies in 2012 at the University Of Goroka. She joined the University of Goroka in 2014 as Senior Midwifery Educator with the Division of Health Sciences - Midwifery Programme in the School of Science and Technology.
Her duty involves lectures, tutorials, clinical practical laboratories and clinical (hospital and rural) supervisions for Bachelor Midwifery students.
She also involves with staff on evidence based midwifery practices, pilot filming project on ` How to examine placenta and membranes’ - currently under process for publishing with the University of Goroka Centre of Social and Creative Media, and started research on `Postnatal care by midwifery students before studying midwifery’ - UOG ethical approval obtained.


Conference presentation - Australian College of Midwives - Gold Coast

Connell, J. Kuamba, J. Naguma, L., and Nasim, C.  2015, Studying Midwifery in University of Goroka, Papua New Guinea, University of Goroka.