Matlina Kuitap

Matlina Kuitap


Bachelor of Midwifery, University of Goroka, PNG
Diploma in Nursing, Divine Word University, Madang PNG 

Areas of Teaching

SHBM 402 – Midwifery Practice 1 & 2                (lectures, tutorials & clinical laboratory        practice)
SHBM 404 - Emergency Obstetrics and            Newborn Care (lectures, tutorials & clinical    laboratory practice)
SHBM – 405 & 410 – Clinical Practicum 1 & 2 (Hospital Supervision)
SHBM 211 – Rural Practicum (Health            Centre Supervision)


University of Goroka
P.O. Box 1078
GOROKA 441, Eastern Highlands Province
Papua New Guinea
Phone: (+675) 531 1941

Matlina Kuitap completed her Diploma in Nursing at the Lutheran School of Nursing affiliated with the Divine Word University, Madang in 2009. Employed by the Catholic Health Service – Simbu for four (4) years (2009-2012). In 2013, studied Bachelor of Midwifery at the University of Goroka and Graduated in 2014.
She just recently Joined the University of Goroka in 2015, last year second semester as the midwifery tutor in the School of Science and Technology under the Division of Health Science – Midwifery programme.
Her duty involves lectures, tutorials, clinical practical laboratories and clinical supervisions for the midwifery students at the hospitals and health centres.