Mathematics Computing & Ethno-mathematics (SM)


Welcome to the Division of Mathematics, Computing & Ethno-mathematics (MCE) at the University of Goroka. If you are a prospective student still contemplating your field of study, this is the right time for an inquisitive mind – math & sciences are the way to go! We are proud to be a part of sustained effort to reinvigorate Science and Mathematics education in PNG, which is important for our nation in order to keep up with the ever changing world of science and technology.

This Division consists of three Disciplines: Mathematics, Computing and Ethno-mathematics. Each of the Disciplines further consists of three strands. The
strands of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics & Statistics form the Mathematics Discipline. The Discipline of Computing consists of the strands Theoretical Computer Science, Programming and Information Technology while the Discipline of Ethno-mathematics consists of the Research strand, Curriculum Development and the Publication strands. 
1.    Discipline of Mathematical Science  (SMM)
       -    Pure Mathematics Strand (SMM1)
       -    Applied Mathematics Strand (SMM2)
       -    Statistics Strand (SMM3)
2.    Discipline of Computer Science (SMC) 
       -    Theoretical Computer Science Strand (SMC1)
       -    Programming Strand (SMC2)
          Information Technology Strand (SMC3)
3.    Discipline of Ethno-mathematical Science (SME) 
       -    Ethno-mathematical Research (SME1)
       -    Ethno-mathematical Curriculum Development Strand (SME2)
       -    Ethno-mathematical Publication Strand (SME3)

For detailed information regarding our Academic Programs, click the respective link below:
With the availability of several experienced and qualified staff in the Division, our students enjoy unprecedented access to research opportunities in PNG, gaining a solid foundation in research which greatly enhances their educational experience and preparing them well to pursue higher postgraduate degrees both here at UOG or abroad.

If you are a researcher interested in the vast Ethno-mathematics data available in our Glen Lean Ethno-mathematics Center (GLEC), you are welcome to contact us.

Our division offers some exciting programs of study leading to undergraduate BSc degrees or graduate BSc (Honors) and Graduate Diploma awards. The prospectus on the UOG web site contains detailed information on our degree programs and entry requirements.

Please, let us help you achieve your educational and career goals. Join a vibrant community of undergraduate and graduate students in the Division of Mathematics, Computing & Ethno-mathematics and enjoy the journey. 


Jeffrey Ambelye    Dr. Samuel Kopamu    Dr. Aslam Nasir    Priscilla Sakopa    Micah Sapau    Geori Kravia    Kevin Me'e    Vagi Bino    Lydia Zato    Alwyn Kawona  
Lynn Veyave    Noelynn Darius Minimulu    Bandi C. Francis    Malcolm Dopaim    Ainu Kongona    Judy Lumbia

Mr. Jeffrey Ambelye
Head of Division

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