Physical Sciences (SP)


Physical science division consist of three disciplines namely Physics, Chemistry and Earth Science to help with Bachelor Education program particularly with the teacher training program in providing content in Physics, Chemistry and Earth Science. The division offers both 4 years undergraduate Bachelor of Science program and postgraduate programs. Physical science is a broad discipline concerned with natural phenomena of the earth, atmosphere and space. It encompasses a variety of fields that include astronomy, chemistry, geology, physics, atmospheric science and oceanography. However, the division has a version of offering to the students the general science physical science content and then specializing in chemistry and physics in their final year. It therefore offers courses in the specific strands within the disciplines. The chemistry discipline is further categorized as strands of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical and environmental chemistry, and natural resources, physical and industrial chemistry. The physics discipline is categorized as theoretical physics, electronics and instrumentation, and energy and environmental physics with geophysics. Science education discipline is further divided into science education and geology education. The division had plans to develop and offer geology courses but for mean time it is serving to train geology teachers for the secondary schools in the country. This information is shown below.
1.    Discipline of Chemistry (SPC)
       -    Organic Chemistry Strand (SPC1)
       -    Inorganic Chemistry Strand (SPC2)
       -    Analytical & Environmental Chemistry Strand  (SPC3)
       -    Natural Resources, Physical & Industrial Chemistry (SPC4) 
2.    Discipline of Physics (SPP) 
       -    Theoretical Physics Strand (SPP1)
       -    Electronics & Instrumentation Strand (SPP2)
          Geophysics, Energy & Environmental Physics  (SPP3)
3.    Discipline of Earth Science (SPE) 
       -    Earth Science, Geophysics & Environmental Strand  (SPE1)
Physical scientists are people who love studying the earth and all its processes and components. A physical science bachelor's degree program prepares students for careers as science teachers, science writers or a range of scientific positions related to their areas of emphasis. It also serves as good preparation for graduate-level studies in any physical science discipline.

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Helen Osorah                                   Dr. Sam Najike                                   Associate Professor John Kola                                   Stewart Wossa                               Kawa Neuendorf
Ronald Aknonero                             John Kia Nema                                   Robert Tai                                                                      Havave Jonika                                Aiyomba Ainao
Steven Ani                                         Anson Barish                                      Chris Lai                                                                         Kevin Barakove                             Agnes Issac

Kawa Sibiya Neuendorf
Head of Division

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