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Institute of Technical Vocational Education Training (ITVET)


Welcome to the Institute of Technical Vocational Education and Training at UOG. The University of Goroka is one of the main providers of technical vocational teachers/instructors serving in the nation’s secondary schools, technical secondary schools, and technical colleges. It will continue to train the trainers of the lower level TVET institutions while diversifying its programs to meet the market demand for skilled workforce in the formal sector as well as for self- employment. 

Institute of TVET is committed to providing pathways at various levels of the TVET programs from certificates, diplomas, degrees and the postgraduates. It places emphasis on hands-on and competency-based experiences in the laboratories/workshops, and workplace experiences in the industries and the communities. 

The institute offers undergraduate courses which are design focus that brings together the experimental nature of innovation in design while maintaining the attributes of a well-crafted product, whether it be designing and constructing a garment, cupboard, cake or bucket. As well as the planning and executing of a sporting event or a tourist tour guide. Our postgraduate diploma in Education prepares graduates for teaching while the graduate diploma programs are for graduates to upgrade their subject contents. All five divisions (Applied Science, Design and Technology, Human Movement Studies, Tourism and Hospitality Management and Technical Vocational Education) currently make up the Institute of Technical Vocational Education and Training (ITVET) were initially part of the School of Science and Technology, formally known as the Faculty of Science when the University of Goroka became a full-pledged university in 1997. Since 2007 the university began to diversify its programs from a one degree of Bachelor of Education, to other programs and at various levels to cater for not only school leavers but many non-school leavers missing out on opportunities after secondary education as well as those in the non-formal sectors. 

The separation of all the technically skills based programs to form the Institute of TVET was necessary to focus on the government concerns for the inadequacy of skills trained workforce in the country. Since its inception in 2014, ITVET has seen increase in the first year intake both pre-service and in-service (overseas inclusive) students estimated at 250 compared to the previous years intakes of less than 200. This has now called for highly skilled academic professionals to develop and deliver range of relevant courses appropriate to, and accredited by the industries. 

Likewise, infrastructure and equipment upgrade is paramount to facilitate the restructure programs designed to be implemented using both locally available materials and tools, and the state-of-the art technologies. 

The university council and the management recognized the government priority for skills training and therefore had created the Institute of TVET to be the fourth School in addition to the three existing schools of Education, Humanities and Science and Technology. The Institute of TVET is set to become one of the leading institutions in the future.


To up skilling the nation through the provision of highly skilled and innovative programs, and endeavors to achieve academic excellence relevant to the needs of individuals, industries and the communities through teaching, research and community Development.


        Isidore Goveh                                                                                     Kolvin Apa
        Executive Officer                                                                          Professional Assistant

Kikising Salley
Executive Dean, ITVET
OUR CONTACT: The Executive Officer | ITVET |The University of Goroka | P.O Box 1078 | GOROKA 441 | Eastern Highlands Province | Papua New Guinea | Tel: +675 531 1884 | Facsimile: 532 2620 | Email: