Division of Applied Science (TA)


Welcome to the Division of Applied Science! The Division of Applied Science comes under the institute of Technical Vocational Education and Training.
This Division was formerly known as the Section of Home Economics in the School of Science and Technology until its separation.

The Division of Applied Science is one of the five (5) Divisions in the Institute of Technical Vocational Education and Training. It is comprised of three (3) Disciplines. These disciplines include;
1.    Discipline Food and Nutrition (TAN)
       -    Food Science Strand (TAN1) 
       -    Nutrition & Dietetics Strand (TAN2)
       -    Community Nutrition Strand (TAN3)
2.     Discipline of Textiles & Fashion Design (TAT)
       -    Textiles Science Strand (TAT1)
       -    Fashion Design Strand (TAT2) 
       -    Fashion Tailoring Strand (TAT3)
3.    Discipline of Family & Community Studies (TAF)
       -    Human Development Strand (TAF1)
       -    Family Studies Strand  (TAF2)
       -    Community Studies Strand (TAF3) 

The Division of Applied Science offers the following programs
1.    Bachelor of Applied Science
2.    Bachelor of Education (Applied Science Secondary Inservice)
3.    Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Technology) Diploma in Food Technology

For detailed information regarding our Academic Programs, click the respected links below;


Kikising Salley        Suriyaprabah Kannan        Limu Mou Vagi        Naomi Paiyesi        Emmy Keko        Jerry Sei        Naiga Kaso        Karen Sialis        Mitchel Kale
Barbra Lahone        Shirley Gabriel Mailil

Mrs. Limu Vagi
Head of Division

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